Gerbera Cultivation

A profitable Enterprise

What you will learn

  • The students will learn successful cultivation of Gerbera
  • Students will learn to adopt business model for Gerbera cultivation as an option for entrepreneurship


This course enables the students to understand the various recommended cultivated techniques aiming to build up their skill in raising a profitable Gerbera crop under controlled conditions.The colour variation, their meaning, size of flowers, long lasting behaviour and wide adoptability for culture made gerbera a flower of choice for cultivation in India  There is a great demand for gerbera particularly in domestic and export markets almost throughout the year. It is one among the top ten cut flowers of the world flower trade, which rank fifth in the International flower trade. Since India is situated comparatively closer to major flower consuming countries than its Asian counter parts, it has very good scope and potential in the flower trade, severe winter in major flower producing country. However, to meet out the international quality standards, high yielding and long lasting hybrid cultivars have to be grown in polyhouses. The main advantages of growing the crop under cover or greenhouse are exploitation of genetic potential of the exotic hybrid or varieties and crops cultivated successfully throughout the year, more over being able to protect the crop against the adverse climatic condition and incidence of pest and diseases thus, enabling to fetch higher returns. Further, this course will necessarily help them to boost their confidence and adopt this practice as a business model through indirect analysis of both opportunities and threats involved in this practice and thereby recommended strategies to overcome them

Who this course is for:

  • Agriculture Graduates and Post- Graduates with or without specialization on floriculture or Hi-tech horticulture
  • Extension functionaries engaged in Agriculture
  • Hobbists
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