Personal Development

The Power Of Your Thoughts And Soul

Recalibration through gratitude and mindfulness

What you will learn

  • More calm
  • More present
  • More happier and Energetic
  • More positive


Recalibrating Is Rejunavting Oneself Clearing Up The Blocks And Brule’s Which Are Holding You Back.

Have You Ever Noticed Why a Person Is Super Productive from the Beginning of the Day, Why, because That Person Is Starting His Day By Recalibrating him selves, Just By Practicing Gratitude And Being Mindful.

Hello And Welcome To This Online Course Introduced By  Mindsoulgain ,This Course Come Under The Category Of Soul ,As The Name Suggest Recalibrate Oneself, In This Course You Are Going To Recalibrate Your Life Through The Power Of Gratitude And Mindfulness,

You Are Going To Fetch the Answer of the Questions Like

What Are Human Consumptions?

 Why One Person Is Active And Other Is Not.

 Why One Is So Peaceful And Other Is Distracted.

 Why One Is Always Moving Forward and Other Is Stucked

We Are Going To Dig A Little Deeper Around These Questions And You Will Get A Deeper Understanding Of How You Can Recalibrate Yourself.

The Course Is Divided Into Three Sections

In The First Section I Have Explained The Topics Like What Is Gratitude And Why Should You Practice It And What Is Mindfulness And Why Should You Practice It, Then I Have Explained The Relationship Between These Two Powers, Then Comes The Real Deal In Section 2 We Will Embark On A 7 Day Journey In That Journey We Will Do Less Theory And More Practical, I Will Teach You Many Gratitude Practices And Some Mindfulness Practices,

 I Will Tell You What Is Love And What Is Faith And You Will Be Learning How To Empty Your Cup ,Not Only This After The 7 Days Journey, Comes Section 3 In Which I Will Be Telling You Some Examples From The Past And Present Who Have Recalibrated Their Life’s Through These Powers And Then I Will Tell You Some Really Interesting Things This Journey Is Going To Be Magical And You Are Going To Love It

You May Also Have Some New Ideas To Discuss For That There Is A Comment Section Under Each Video, Share Your Ideas And Connect With Me,

Let’s Grow Together To Get the Most Out Of This Course

Be Ready With A Pen And Paper To Write Down The Insights And Ideas Which You Will Get To Know About During The Course And Remember You Have Much To Be Grateful For Thank you And Lets Begin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone,Whether you are 8 or 80 this course is for you.
  • This is a course for everyone who wants to recalibrate themself.
  • Anyone who is feeling stressed by modern life
  • Those who feel they are always living in the past or future but are never in the present
 -  The Power Of Your Thoughts And Soul
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